War of the Worlds

The Aliens

The Invasions

The Technology

According to eyewitness reports, the aliens have been utilizing everyday items to make high-tech tools and devices. A report from Canada tells of them using kitchen appliances--such as household blenders--jury-rigged to make radio receivers and locators. In New Jersey, aliens were seen using a vacuum cleaner-like device to locate a buried alien warship from 1938. They've even used their technology to create artwork unlike anything we've ever seen before. We also believe that they can communicate over lightyears in a matter of seconds using their makeshift devices. The alien technology runs from the lethal to sublime.

The closest that we've ever come to actually examining an alien artifact was in an automated power plant in San Francisco. The aliens had taken over the facility, brutally killed every single member of the crew, and then had gone on to set up a bizarre device. When we finally found the aliens we've been looking for, we could hardly believe our eyes. It was a device using a logic system far unto ours in every way. It was fascinating.

After the aliens had gone, Drs. McCullough and Blackwood went to examine this strange aliens' handiwork. It worked like a distillery, reducing human brains to their very essence, and then one very potent drop of that extract would drip into the sick alien's mouth, curing it.

But apparently they had anticipated us, and the device was booby-trapped, and disintegrated immediately upon touch. Clearly, they don't want anyone to get ahold of their technology.

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