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In 1953, the aliens mounted their first truly global invasion of Earth. Their cylinders were landing all over the globe, attacking and destroying major cities (amazingly and quickly rebuilt to their former glory afterward).

Government records and the efforts of the press of the times, as well as recovered documents written by Dr. Clayton Forrester, has allowed for a reconstruction of the events during the invasion in cinematic form. This film is a must see for anyone who wants to become familiar with the forgotten history of the invasion. It is occasionally shown through secure channels and controlled distribution locations.

A similar record was made regarding the 1938 invasion at Grovers Mill, though this production is clearly towing the government line, telling of the panic from the fictional broadcast rather than the actual facts of the invasion. Still, the panic was real and is important material to study before considering release of the facts of alien invasions to the general public. As evidenced by updated versions of Howard Koch's scripts being broadcast, the public will still panic.

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