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Sometimes the best way to remember the invasion and to be prepared for the next one is to possess an item related directly to the invasion. This becomes very important to preparedness in regards to the aliens' ability to affect the memory of the human populace, save those directly and seriously traumatized by the events.

Here is collected several types of memorabilia available. For the 1938 scout mission at Grovers Mill, New Jersey, recordings from Howard Koch's fictionalized version of that invasion, including modernized retellings and futuristic sequels are available on the audio page.

For the 1953 invasion, there is the video page which has links to copies of the documentary of the invasion through secured channels. Sources are difficult to find online, but more links should be coming soon.

Also, physical models of alien War Machines are available. These are the machines the aliens used in the 1953 invasion which destroyed major cities around the world. Having one of these in your possession is a concrete reminder of that invasion.

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