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Norton Drake loved games. Often while waiting for alien transmissions to be detected, he would play various games and game-like scenarios on the supercomputer, most often of which he created himself. Occasionally Debi would challenge him to games of 3-D Pong Tennis or he would run games where he would defend a major city against alien War Machines.

In Norton's memory, there is this games area, where are collected information about various War of the Worlds-related games. Though Norton's collection was destroyed at The Cottage. we've discovered other games. There was Cinematronics arcade game which is quite rare (especially the color version) but is now emulated and playable on PCs.

Not only is the arcade game playable on home computers, there are others as well. There's also an upcoming game based on Jeff Wayne's musical version and a plug-in for the Mac game Escape Velocity based on the aliens as depicted in the 1953 invasion movie documentary. There are rumors of other adaptions of games to a War of the Worlds theme that are being tracked down.

Finally, there have been many rumors of video game console versions of games such as an Atari 2600 game that may have been developed but never released. More information about this game--if the information is true--is highly desired.

If you know of other games or availability of games, or are developing new games related to the War of the Worlds, please contact me so that the information can be added to this site or links made to others about such games.

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