War of the Worlds

The Aliens

The Invasions

The Technology

Structurally, the aliens are more like jellyfish than mammals. By examining DNA molecules, it appears that the aliens possess humans by using a cell phase matching technique. The aliens cells literally overtake the human cells through osmosis. As a result, they have access to the host body's intelligence, and can control them physically. And yet there is no outward way for anyone to know.

Physiologically, the aliens have a liquid core which carries neurological information as well as arterial matter. Their stable, upright carriage is supported by a weblike musculature structure.

The aliens stand between 5 1/2 and 7 feet tall. It has a cyclops eye in the center of its forehead and it is a biped. It has three fingers, three toes, and three arms. Apparently, it has no skeletal structure per se.

One of the aliens' most remarkable characteristics is their ability to osmose into the human body-- actually meld their body into ours. We have footage that was taken by a news photographer. Aliens have never possessed animals or children. Because of this, we theorize they need a certain minimal mass to occupy. They can be anywhere and they can be anyone: soldiers, waitresses, bikers, the homeless, paramedics-- they can take over just about anyone.

Once they took over Beeton, California, an abandoned irradiated town, and they stocked it with aliens. They took over an abandoned warehouse where they brought humans for the aliens to possess.

The most frightening thing of all: they have absolutely no regard for human life. Not since Nazi Germany has the world witnessed such callous and brutal treatment of human beings. They mutilate and maim. To them, we're an inferior species and they treat us as one.

While this paints a rather negative picture of the battle with the aliens, there is a bright side: they can be killed, and we're getting pretty efficient at it. One particular incident comes to mind. The aliens had broken into a secure army facility in search of war machines and weapons left over from the 1953 invasion. Our intelligence discovered this plan and we wiped them out.

What they turn into after they die is the only real indication we have that these were once human beings now possessed by aliens. As a result of an exothermic reaction, their cells become a horrible broiling mass of decomposing alien and human tissue.

They are vulnerable, and so are we. We have already lost members of the Blackwood team, soldiers in combat, and of course all the innocent people. The aliens are deadly and they promise-- as their numbers increase and they become more sophisticated-- they promise to become even deadlier.

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