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GT Interactive and Rage Software

GT Interactive (US) and Rage Software (UK) released a strategy game based on Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds. Both sits had web pages about the games but appear to have removed them.

The game features land, sea, and air combat (yes, there was one paragraph in the book dealing with Martian aircraft), day and night battles, and is a realtime non-linear strategy game. It also features 45 minutes of new musical arrangements by Jeff Wayne as 8 tracks on this 2 CD game.

The game was presented to the game press for reviews. Here is the last surviving link to a site with commentary about the game. It includes screenshots of the game. Good luck finding it in stores anywhere.

The War of the Worlds Escape Velocity Plug-In

CreamerSoft Software had put out a free plug-in for the shareware Macintosh game Escape Velocity by Ambrosia Software, Inc. which transforms the game into a War of the Worlds game with Martian War Machines to battle, featuring music from the 1953 movie "The War of the Worlds". Unfortunately it appears it has been withdrawn and the pages about it rededicated to Oldsmobiles. I will see about hosting the file locally.

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