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A severe food shortage causes the Morthren to venture into the countryside and turn the greenhouses on local farms into experimental agricultural centers to grow Morthren plant life. The aliens' first victim is John Stanton, a middle-aged farmer married to Suzanne's mother Rebecca. An excited John clone tells Rebecca of a new government project to use their land, and while she is intrigued by the idea, something about her husband's behavior disturbs her.

Meanwhile, weary of the war and its negative effects on Debi, Suzanne brings her daughter out the to countryside for a visit on her mother's farm. Although Suzanne and Rebecca have been estranged for several years, they use the visit to slowly rebuild their shattered relationship. At the farm, Suzanne also befriends Paul Fox, who claims to be working for the government on the soil project. In truth, he is an alien leader.

Suspicious of John's behavior, Rebecca trails him out to their greenhouse one night and overhears John telling an alien that they must "take care of" Rebecca. Rebecca repeats her fears to Suzanne, who calls Harrison and asks him to check out the legitimacy of the alleged government crop-raising project.

In the meantime, a determined Rebecca heads for the greenhouse and an angry alien throws her inside, where she is knocked unconscious by the toxic fumes of the Morthren plants. Suzanne, hearing her mother's screams, rushes to the greenhouse and spies Rebecca on the floor. The aliens attack Suzanne, and although she is able to escape, John takes Debi hostage.

Finding the family dog tied in the barn, Suzanne cuts him loose and the angry animal springs at John, allowing Debi to escape. As Suzanne races from the barn to a nearby truck, she is shocked when Paul levels a gun at her. She slams the door into his face and green blood oozes from Paul's wound. Crashing the truck into the greenhouse, Suzanne hauls her mother to safety, just as the wiring on the greenhouse sets the building on fire.

After one of Kincaid's sources tells him that the government project is a phony, he and Harrison race to the farm in time to see Paul shoot Rebecca in cold blood, and an enraged Suzanne kills Paul. After destroying the alien guards at the farm, Harrison and Kincaid bring Suzanne and Debi back to the relative safety of their underground shelter.

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