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Inside Morthren headquarters, a 15-year-old alien named Ceeto, handpicked by the Eternal to eventually be Malzor's successor, becomes bored with his training and begins snooping around an off-limits area of the base. There, he witnesses the cloning of a young woman named Jo, whose father, Marcus Crane, has stolen a special alien weapon. Malzor hopes that Jo's clone will lead the Morthren to her father... and the missing weapon. As the clone is released, Ceeto sneaks outside and disappears into the streets.

Inside the shelter, Debi is experiencing similar feelings of claustrophopia and steals away. Above ground, she meets Ceeto and together, the two lost souls begin to explore life on the streets. Ceeto's gold bracelet allows the Morthren to track his location, but it also draws the attention of two street thugs, who steal the bracelet and slash Ceto with a knife when he tries to protect Debi. However, when Debi sees Ceeto's wound oozing green blood and realizes that he is an alien, she instinctively pulls her gun, but soon realizes that she cannot kill the boy who has become her friend.

Meanwhile, at the urging of Jo's clone, Marcus reveals to Harrison and Kincaid that the alien weapon is hidden in a theater, which Suzanne remembers was once a favorite haunt of Debi's. The team proceeds to the site and find Debi and Ceeto hiding inside. While Debi pleads with them not to harm Ceeto, mercenaries hired by the Morthren burst into the theater. With the team's attention diverted by the ensuing attack, Debi grabs Ceeto and drags him away to safety. Ceeto, knowing that the Jo clone will kill Debi and her friends, offers Debi a hint on how to convince the team that Jo is an imposter: clones are more perfect than the human originals.

When Jo corners Debi and Ceeto, Debi grabs her and shows Marcus that the clone, unlike his daughter, has no scar on her arm. Enraged, Marcus lunges at the Jo clone, who in turn, grabs the found weapon and the two disappear in a blinding flash of light.

Ceeto, who knows Malzor will find him soon, begs Debi and the others to leave before the arrival of the Morthren. Debi sadly bids her friend goodbye, seconds before Malzor arrives to bring the wounded but still defiant Ceeto home.

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