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Seft of Emun


When a critical power shortage threatens to leave his race defenseless, Malzor decides to take a Morthren war hostage out of suspended animation. She is Lady Seft of Emun, a once peaceful planet whose citizens were massacred after giving the Morthren invaders their powerful energy crystals. Seft and her young son, Torri, who is also revived, were the only members of their race to survive the executions and have been held captive by Malzor and Mana because of their ability to generate new crystals.

Forced to work for the Morthren leaders, Seft begins making the energizing crystals to restore the invaders' power supply. But the process is a tedious and draining one, and Seft tells Mana that she must be allowed to gather items she needs to create the crystals. Desperate to save her work on Earth, Mana allows Seft to leave the alien stronghold in search of raw materials.

After Harrison runs into Seft in a black market shop run by a profiteer known as Blade, the priestess begins sending telepathic messages to Blackwood, pleading for his help. A short time later, Kincaid sees Seft in Blade's shop and watches in horror as Seft's Morthren bodyguards kill Blade. But when Kincaid tells Harrison what he's seen, Harrison ignores him and races to answer Seft's call, while a suspicious Kincaid trails him.

Meeting in the marketplace, Seft tells Harrison to the horrors her race endured at the hands of the Morthren. Drawn to her, Harrison begs her to stay with him, but Seft knows she must return to the alien hideout or risk her son's life. Kincaid then confronts Harrison, fearing that he has fallen under the influence of Seft, whom he believes is an alien accessory to Blade's murder.

Chasing after Seft, Harrison and Kincaid begin arguing about whether she is trustworthy, with Harrison insisting that since Seft has already gone through a war with the Morthren, she can help the team with their work on Earth. When Kincaid disagrees, Harrison flees. Kincaid then returns to the shelter and informs Suzanne and Debi that the group's security has been compromised by Harrison. They then head for the marketplace in search of Blackwood and Seft, who has eluded her captors.

Knowing that Seft has made contact with their enemy Harrison, the aliens plot to kill him before he can discover their secret headquarters. To smoke out Harrison and Seft, the Morthren take Torri to the marketplace, where he is reunited with his mother, but warns her that the invaders are using him as bait to trap her and destory Harrison.

Suzanne and Kincaid locate Seft, Harrison and Torri in the marketplace, but are soon ambushed by the Morthren soldiers. After Suzanne is grazed by an alien laser, Seft and Torri summon their powers to build a protective shield around the group, which deflects the enemy fire. Kincaid drags Harrison and Suzanne from the site and once the group is safely away, Seft and Torri, drained of their powers, die in a blaze of light.

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