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The Walls of Jericho


"They sure don't die very pretty, do they."

Harrison and Ironhorse clash after Ironhorse advises General Wilson to terminate the Blackwood Project because he believes the problem has been solved. Meanwhile, in an attempt to stay alive, the aliens struggle to acclimate themselves to Earth and move forward with their plan for world domination.

Back at headquarters, Norton's computer records a series of bizarre incidents that are logged by the National Crime Network: A farmer's herd of cattle has been killed and drained of its blood; a shift of workers at a plastics plant has vanished and the only witness babbles about dragons and monsters; a break-in attempt is made at a top secret rocket fuel plant; and a refrigerator plant seems to be staffed by zombies.

When Suzanne and Harrison examine these seemingly unrelated incidents, they interpret the data as confirmation that the aliens are involved and urge Ironhorse to amend his report to the General. Suzanne draws a connection between the crimes and liquid nitrogen--could the aliens be using the liquid nitrogen to cool their radiation-ravaged human bodies and thus slow the deterioration of those bodies?

Still skeptical, Ironhorse agrees to accompany Harrison on a fact-finding tour of the refrigerator plant, where the duo discovers a weird group of workers and a toxic level of radiation at the site. Ironhorse sees enough to propose to the General that they try planting a tracking device on one of the alien's trucks.

But when Harrison and Ironhorse return to the plant, they are caught in the act of installing the device. In the ensuing battle, the plant workers bubble and evaporate as they die, leaving little doubt that their bodies have been overtaken by the aliens. In a surprise act of heroism, General Wilson stops the fleeing truck with an M-16.

However, the nagging question remains: Did they eliminate all the aliens? Harrison doesn't think so, but Ironhorse and the General need a little convincing to become converts. But if the aliens are still alive, where are they hiding... and will their supply of liquid nitrogen keep them alive long enough to defeat the human race?

While the team plans their next move, the alien survivors review their recent setback, assess their vast stockpile of liquid nitrogen and conclude they've simply lost a battle, not the war...

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