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During a vicious heat wave, Morthren leaders attempt to take control of the city by cutting off its water supply. Soon, desperate citizens stop at nothing short of murder to secure water for themselves. At the shelter, Debbie's dehydration compels Kincaid to leave the base in search of water.

While on the streets, Kincaid saves a water delivery man from a violent mob. In return, the man gives Kincaid two bottles of water, and he gives one of those bottles to Grace Salter, who runs a church with her husband, Reverend Thomas Salter, and their teen-aged son Steven. Unbeknownst to them, the Morthren have decided to harness the Bible's power and turn Salter into a modern day Messiah, who can divert human faith from God to the Eternal.

Seeking relief from the crisis, Harrison, Suzanne, Kincaid and Debi witness the first "miracle" at Thomas' church: a holy font which suddenly begins spouting water. Suspecting alien involvement, Suzanne and Harrison discover the invaders have taken control of the entire water system and attempt to locate where the cutoff to the main line has occured.

Meanwhile, the aliens have taken Steven to Morthren headquarters and cloned him. Searching for the missing teen, Kincaid discovers Steven's lifeless clone in an alley. But when he returns the boy to the church, Thomas is able to raise his child from the dead -- another miracle that causes the congregation to believe that the minister has god-like powers.

Skeptical of all the unexplained events in Salter's church, Kincaid confronts Thomas, who claims he has no control over the "miracles." Later, when Kincaid sees Thomas being escorted from the church by two suspicious characters, he follows them to the city's Water Treatment Plant.

Once inside, Kincaid runs into Harrison and Suzanne, who have proof that the aliens have cut off the water supply. Inside the plant, they discover Thomas and Steven, who have been cloned and are near death. Returning to the church, they discover that Thomas' clone is whipping the congregation into a near frenzy about the power of The Eternal. However, the real Thomas stands up and defies his clone before he collapses and dies.

Outside, thunder claps and rain begins to fall, thus ending the water crisis. Their plan ruined, the aliens escape, destroying Thomas' and Steven's clones as they leave. The next day, Kincaid says goodbye to Grace and Steven, who are left to ponder the terrible events of the day before.

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