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The Raising of Lazarus


"After we evacuate, this facility will be like Chernobyl."

An unusual pod containing an alien in suspended animation is discovered and sent to a remote Air Force nuclear research facility. When the team arrives to investigate, they discover that their authority has been overridden by Colonel Fredrick Alexander, an ambitious military scientist with bizarre ideas about communicating with the aliens.

With the help of Harrison and Norton, Alexander is able to open the pod and observe the alien, who appears to be dead. But unbenownst to the team, Alexander secretly takes cell and tissue samples from the invader for his private experiments. A short time later, the alien comes back to life and escapes through the building's ventilation system.

While the team implores him to proceed with the utmost caution in recapturing the alien, Alexander recklessly moves ahead with his dangerous research. He barricades himself in his laboratory and begins injecting the alien's cells into his own body -- a process which the escaped alien observes from an air duct above. After accessing Alexander's computer terminal, the invader convinces him that they can actually communicate and, as the secret injections begin to take hold of him, Alexander confines Harrison and the team to their quarters, assuring himself the freedom to continue his secret tests.

A short time later, Harrison and Norton watch in horror as their computers are accessed by the alien, who raids their top-secret files. The alien then tears out the main wiring for the nuclear facility's power supply, and moves to the main power room, where he steals a radioactive titanium rod and begins to systematically contaminate rooms, slowly turning the facility into a deadly radiation trap.

Nearby, the alien enters Alexander's lab. The eager scientist approaches him, believing they are truly able to communicate, but the alien inhabits Alexander's body. He then kills a lab assistant and several guards before continuing his methodical infection of the site.

When the now-alien Alexander is convinced he has trapped all of the humans in the facility, he makes his getaway. But Ironhorse is not far behind -- he has circumvented the radiated rooms and tracked the alien's escape. Luckily, he is able to destroy Alexander with a powerful laser drill, seconds before the invader is able to flee the scene.

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