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So Shall Ye Reap


"I'll do anything you want! Just give me more!"

The aliens has begun kidnapping unsuspecting victims for experiments using a highly addictive drug designed to drive humans into homicidal rage. One of those captured is Jack Sawyer, a popular and dedicated undercover police officer.

Meanwhile, Harrison and the team, who suspect alien involvement in the recent series of kidnappings and drug-related murders, pose as drug enforcement agents at the local police station under the watchful but suspicious eye of Detective Teri Novak. Although the team doesn't know it yet, Novak doesn't buy their cover and immediately begins her own investigation into the true purpose of their work.

When the latest murder victim is discovered, the Blackwood Project joins local police in an investigation. But in the middle of the inquiry, Teri informs them that she has unequivocal proof that they are imposters and arrests them on the spot for impersonating Federal officers.

Nearby, the aliens move one step closer to perfecting their dangerous drug. They inject Jack Sawyer with it and he murders another prisoner without a second thought. Elated, the invaders begin to mass produce the deadly concoction and follow a heavily drugged Jack on an evening of murder and mayhem.

After the direct intervention of General Wilson, Teri releases Harrison and the team. What's more, believing the cover story that they are an anti-terrorist group, she agrees to help them.

Following the trails of Jack's murder spree, a car chase with the police ensues. The aliens try desperately to control a withdrawal-crazed Jack and to elude the police at the same time, causing their car to topple into Lake Michigan. At the lab, an alien leader orders an aide to evacuate the site -- but not before he injects the remaining prisoners and prepares to set them loose in the city.

Learning of Jack's death, Teri begins to order a full-scale police investigation, until the team confesses their true mission and Ironhorse brings in the Omega Squad. Teri calls on her contacts in the underworld to help locate the alien lab, while the team rushes in for a showdown.

But at the lab site, the drugged humans have turned on the aliens, and in their lust for the addictive drugs, have set the lab on fire. When the team arrives, the aliens have been destroyed and the surviving humans have been reduced to pathetic, brain-damaged junkies.

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