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"And what would your name be?"
"Woodward and Bernstein didn't need a name."
"You're trying to tell me you're a Deep Throat?"

The aliens' attempts at reproduction are thwarted by radiation, the very condition that keeps their adult forms alive. By order of the Advocacy, a group of alien workers searches for a more suitable breeding environment.

Nearby, an investigative reporter named Cash McCullough has a mysterious meeting with a government insider. The reporter, who is the absentee ex-husband of Dr. Suzanne McCullough, learns about "The Blackwood Project" from the tipster, who tells him that operation is really a plot to murder illegal aliens.

Hot on a story that looks like a shoo-in for a Pulitzer Prize, Cash begins researching the lead by contacting Suzanne under the guise if renewing his relationship with their daughter, Debi. The ever-cynical Ironhorse smells a rat and warns Suzanne of the utmost need to keep their work secret.

Meanwhile, Norton reports that he has begun picking up unusual alien transmissions, which he describes as sounding like "baby talk." After Norton locates the source of the messages, Harrison and Ironhorse speed to an industrial ice house, where they discover huge vats filled with green slime and incubating eggs. Harrison snatches one of the eggs as a sample and takes it back to the lab, where Suzanne establishes that it is an alien embryo.

Learning that Suzanne works with Harrison Blackwood, Cash uses Debi to get to his ex-wife. He gifts Debi with a doll that is bugged with a homing device, then follows her to headquarters, where he sets up a vigil.

Intent on destroying the alien incubation site, Ironhorse prepares an attack by the Omega Squad. Unbeknownst to the team, Cash is intent on filming the attack and has followed the group with a TV news crew.

In the ensuing battle, Ironhorse saves Cash from being maimed by the aliens. His camera crew is not so lucky, however, and they perish at the hands of alien warriors.

After witnessing the triumphant attack on the Ice House, Cash is appalled by the truths he discovers, both about the aliens and himself. He agrees not to print the story and leaves Suzanne and the team a radically changed man.

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