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The Resurrection - Part II


"In 1953, Earth experienced a War of the Worlds. Common bacteria stopped the aliens, but it didn't kill them. Instead the aliens lapsed into a state of deep hibernation. Now, the aliens have been resurrected, more terrifying than before. In 1953, aliens started taking over the world. Today, they're taking over our bodies."

This episode was originally one 2-hour episode with no quotation.

Ironhorse and his commandoes launch an attack on a farm believed to be an alien hideout, and the colonel is shocked when the invaders effortlessly defeat his heavily armed troops. After a battle report is filed with Washington, the Pentagon gives Suzanne and Harrison the go-ahead to halt the alien invasion. Ironhorse is drafted as a team member to provide military strategy and protection.

The entire crew, including Harrison, Norton, Suzanne and her teenaged daughter Debi headquarter themselves at a remote government-owned estate. This 25-acre "safe house" is staffed by Mrs. Pennyworth, the warm and jovial housekeeper and Tom Kensington, the stuffy but kindly groundskeeper. State-of-the-art computer, communications and scientific equipment is at the team's disposal.

While Suzanne works feverishly to discover a strain of bacteria which will prove lethal to the aliens, Norton intercepts more coded communications. When the transmissions are translated, Harrison and Ironhorse discover that the aliens are planning an assault on an Air Force base where the alien war machines used in the 1953 invasion are stored in a top secret hanger. If the invaders prevail and recover their ships, they will be unstoppable.

Rushing to the military base, Harrison, Ironhorse and Suzanne plant bombs on the alien crafts. Moments later, the aliens arrive to claim their ships, but detect the trio as they attempt to flee the scene. Just as the creatures plan to open their attack, the bombs go off and destroy the aliens.

Back at headquarters, the team wonders if all the aliens have been obliterated...

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