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"We should surrender to the aliens!
We have no other choice!"

Under strict security, Harrison and the team assemble an international group of experts on extra-terrestrial life forms. Their mission: to determine the extent of the global alien threat and to develop a planetary strategy for combatting the invaders. After some initial friction among the participants, especially the Soviet and Chinese delegates, the team shares their top secret findings, while nearby, alien leaders plot to sabotage the meeting of the minds.

Shortly after the conference begins, an anonymous accusation of fraud against the Spanish delegate, Señor Morales, disrupts the proceedings. Later, as Harrison and Morales stroll the grounds, Soviet representative Dr. Argochev joins them, confessing that he falsely accused Morales because he received word that one of the seminar participants is actually an alien.

In order to expose the charlatan, Harrison insists that all of the delegates be subjected to a blood test. Outraged, several scientists demand that they be permitted to contact their countries for advice, while, unbeknownst to Harrison and Ironhorse, the alien tips off the Advocacy to the secret location of the meeting and the aliens make plans to massacre the scientists.

After Argochev and several other delegates refuse to submit to the blood test, Harrison makes a shocking announcement. He suggests that they move forward with their meetings, in spite of the alien in their midst. By doing so, Harrison is determined to prove that humans are, in fact, the superior race.

Suddenly, gunfire erupts outside the seminar, signalling the start of the alien siege. As the alien troops draw closer, Harrison hatches a plan. He suggests to Ironhorse that the group surrender to the aliens, creating an opportunity for dialogue. This tactic draws out the infected delegate, Dr. Menathong, from the Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. When Menathong tries to shoot the scientists, she discovers she has been duped with an empty weapon and commits suicide.

Although Ironhorse and his troops are able to ambush the aliens and defeat them, Harrison knows that the victory may be short-lived.

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