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The Meek Shall Inherit


"It's not the cold. It's something else."

The aliens hatch a plan to disrupt global telephone communications in their latest bid for world domination. In another part of the city, the aliens absorb a trio of street people while Molly, an emotionally unstable bag lady, looks on in horror.

When Molly tries to tell the police about what she's seen, she finds herself a guest at the Whitewood Sanitarium, the long-time residence of Harrison's stepmother Sylvia Van Buren. The two strike up a friendship, which is cemented when Molly witnesses one of Sylvia's bizarre attacks. As a result of her recent experiences, Molly is especially interested in Sylvia's ravings about body-snatching aliens. Molly shares her terrifying story with Sylvia and convinces Sylvia to join her in an escape to seek out the aliens.

Meanwhile, at headquarters, Ironhorse begins staffing a special anti-alien task force made up a highly skilled male and female combat experts. In the computer lab, Harrison and Norton suspect alien involvement as they attempt to track down the "glitch" that has shut down the long-distance telephone system.

Aimlessly wandering through the streets of Portland, Sylvia and Molly take refuge in a truck yard. There, Sylvia confides in Molly about Harrison and his fight to destroy the invaders. Sylvia refuses to leave the truck yard, sensing that the aliens are nearby. And they are -- the minute Molly ventures forth to get some food, she is absorbed by one of the aliens as a terrified Sylvia watches.

Harrison, who has been alerted about Sylvia's dissappearance, tracks her to Portland. He finds her in the truck yard and she helps him locate the alien trio, who have now been joined by Molly. Fortunately, Ironhorse and his commandos arrive and defeat the invaders before they can secure the power sources they'd need to destroy worldwide telephone communications.

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