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Dust to Dust


"Could you tell me... how what happened last night happened?"

Joseph, a mystical Indian tribal leader, prepares the holy ritual of guardianship for his son while an archeologist grave-robber named Mark Newport pillages a nearby Indian burial ground for valuable artifacts.

After leaving with a headdress adorned with a mysterious crystal, Newport announces his find at a televised news conference. The report is watched with interest by the team -- as a Cherokee Indian, Ironhorse is appalled by Newport's obvious theft of the sacred headdress, while Suzanne and Norton deduce that the crystal is not an Indian relic. The aliens also watch the conference and recognize the crystal as a starter for one of their missing warships, which they know must be in the area.

Knowing that Newport stole the Indian artifacts, Joseph visits Newport's office and warns him to return the sacred objects or risk death. After Ironhorse leanrs that Newport ordered Joseph's arrest, he bails the Indian leader out of jail.

Meanwhile, the aliens retrieve the crystal from Newport, killing him in the process. While Ironhorse accompanies Joseph back to his reservation, Harrison and Suzanne tap into the police files on Newport's murder and suspect alien involvement.

At the Indian reservation, Ironhorse meets Joseph's daughter Grace. Their mutual attraction is as strong as their belief systems are different. Later, Joseph demands that Ironhorse join him for a ceremony at the sacred burial ground since the colonel is "one with our spirits." Unbeknownst to him, the aliens are not far behind, having been led to the site by the crystal.

Raising a staff topped with a jewel similar to the aliens' crystal, Joseph begins his song to the spirits. As the rite continues, thunder rolls, winds howl and the alien spaceship appears beneath a burial mound. Having followed Ironhorse to the reservation, Harrison, Suzanne and Grace watch in horror as the aliens board the ship and it begins to take off.

As Joseph continues to weave his spell, lightning suddenly travels through his crystal, dramatically exploding the alien ship. The next morning, Harrison asks Joseph for scientific explanations and the Indian gives him his sacred crystal, while nearby, Ironhorse and Grace share a passionate embrace.

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