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Choirs of Angels


"You will help us bring a new age to this planet."

The aliens have perfected a high speed, subliminal audio message designed to brainwash listeners into believing that the aliens are the innocent victims of man's evil. After murdering famed musician Billy Carlos, they plant the directive in his latest recording. The tape is then delivered to brilliant microbiologist Eric Von Deer, whose subconscious receives the alien dispatch and he begins working day and night on a vaccine to protect them from earth's harmful bacteria.

In the midst on his research, Von Deer's former pupil Suzanne McCullough arrives for a weekend of work at his lab, with Harrison in tow. When he discovers that Harrison is a Billy Carlos fan, Van Deer bequeaths a copy of the bugged tape to him. Back at headquarters, Harrison can't stop listening to the tape. Immediately affected by the hidden message, he tries to convince a speechless Ironhorse and Norton that humans provoked the alien invasion of 1953!

Back at Von Deer's lab, Suzanne is shocked to find a sample of alien cell tissue and realizes that he is working for the enemy. After she calls headquarters to alert the team, Norton becomes suspicious when he realizes that both men are behaving oddly -- and both are "addicted" to the Billy Carlos tape. He uses the supercomputer to analyze the music and soon discovers the persuasive alien message.

To break the tape's power over Von Deer and Harrison, Suzanne and Ironhorse confine them in silent rooms. Without their musical fix, both men experience violent withdrawal symptoms, though they slowly begin returning to reality.

Meanwhile, Suzanne sabotages Von Deer's perfected vaccine and turns it over to the aliens, with best wishes "to life immortal." Believing they are victorious, several alien leaders inject themselves with the vaccine. But as the potion takes effect, the aliens are reduced to a pool of slime.

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