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"We must plan for the future."
"A future without humans."

During a heated discussion about a U.S./Soviet disarmament plan, Harrison receives an unsettling phone call from Katya, a visiting Soviet scientist. Although she is being followed by the KGB, Katya makes plans to meet with Harrison, to Ironhorse's dismay.

At their meeting, it becomes obvious that Harrison and Katya share a romantic past together. But when they realize that they're being followed by both Ironhorse and a KGB agent named Valery, Harrison and Katya give them the slip.

Meanwhile, a large nuclear power plant becomes the latest alien conquest. The aliens take over employees bodies as well as a large supply of plutonium, which they return to their comrades, who are constructing an atom bomb.

Harrison begins to withdraw from the group and refuses to discuss his relationship with Katya. But when Harrison and Katya disappear, Ironhorse and Valery are left to wonder who has defected -- and to which side.

In their hideout, the aliens finalize plans to eradicate the human race causing a world-wide nuclear war. They plot to detonate their nuclear weapon at the opening ceremonies of the disarmament by hiding the bomb in an abandoned van nearby. The aliens' overconfident leader prematurely informs his superiors that the plan is a success.

Before long, Harrison returns with Katya, who wants to defect and seek political asylum in the U.S. Just then, Norton's computer traces an alien transmission to the disarmament site, and it becomes clear that the assault on the nuclear plant and the stolen plutonium are related -- and part of another deadly alien plan.

After a TV reporter announces that the authorities have discovered the van containing the bomb, the Soviets call off the disarmament ceremony. Harrison and the team race to the site, where Katya disarms the bomb with the help of Ironhorse and Harrison. Emerging from the vehicle an international heroine, Katya decides to return to the Soviet Union to help mend relations between the superpowers. Meanwhile, the shamed alien leader commits suicide at the aliens' hideout.

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