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The Good Samaritan


"We all have to die... sometime."

At a local diner, a mysterious trio of workers serve four innocent friends a deadly concoction. Meanwhile, a major breakthrough in feeding the hungry is announced by wealthy industrialist Marcus Mason, who has developed a grain that is resistant to climate, pestilence and radiation. Although Mason plays the role of humanitarian, the businessman makes it clear to his staff that profit is his only motivation for marketing the new product.

When Suzanne learns about Mason's grain discovery, she insists on seeing him, since its radiation-resistant properties could aid her search for a strain of bacteria to use on the aliens. Ironhorse offers to arrange an interview with Mason, unaware that he is a notorious womanizer. At the same time, the aliens plot to use Mason's grain for their own purposes and send out a group of recruits who begin by taking over the body of Mason's mistress...

Harrison is surprised by his jealous feelings when Suzanne's appointment with Mason turns into a intimate dinner for two. While she struggles to rebuff his advances and get some hard facts out of him, Mason's assistant and sometime girlfriend Teri bursts in to interrupt his seduction scene. An angry Mason leaves the meeting and goes to meet his fate with Helen, his alien-possessed mistress.

The next day, a "new" Mason arrives at work with an entourage which includes the mysterious trio from the diner, who have suddenly been promoted to executive status. In a shocking statement, Mason reveals that he has decided to give away the grain in order to end world hunger. Immediately, his alien cohorts begin secretly treating the grain with the same deadly spray that killed the innocent customers at the diner.

Meanwhile, Norton intercepts another alien transmission and traces it to the port where several boats are being loaded with Mason's grain. After Suzanne is able to establish a solid link between the aliens and the grain, Harrison and Ironhorse race to the docks in an attempt to stop the tainted shipments. Luckily, the men are able to stall the aliens and thwart their plans for distributing the fatal cargo, but both of them realize that the alien defeat will be short-lived.

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